1. Tell us about the concept of your artwork / アートのコンセプトについて教えてください

    My art concept is based on the phenomenon of pareidolia which is a surrealistic vision we all have, it is the ability to see shapes or make pictures out of randomness and usually it is the appearance of a face. And I applied this on food photography.



    1. Tell us about the process of creating your artwork. / アートを制作する時のプロセスについて教えてください

    The main creative process was actually within my head and how I see these shapes, textures, lights and shadows appearing in my mind as a “half-faced” creature. That is why I came up with the term – “Symmetrical Pareidolism” for my art process, and the outcome is “PareidoliART”. The actual hands-on process is relatively simple by just mirroring a selected photograph.

    創作の主なプロセスは、私の頭の中にあります。形、テクスチャー、光と影が、「半顔」の生き物としてどういう表れてくるのか、それを表現します。そこで、自分自身の創作プロセスを「Symmetrical Pareidolism」と名付け、作品は「PareidoliART」と呼んでいます。実際の制作は、写真を鏡に映すだけなので、比較的簡単です。


    1. What made you decide to create your artwork with foods / 食べ物と関係のあるアートを制作しようと思ったのはなぜですか?

    I think food is such a great subject to expand. Possibilities is endless, with a vast variations of cultures, cuisines, ingredients, cooking methods, chefs and even brands, basically unlimited. And food is the most common topic to connects people, when 2 person looking at the same image I create with different perceptions (one may see a lion, one may see a seal), it is the most interesting reaction I like to see.



    1. What do you value most in the process of art creation? / アート制作のプロセスにおいて何を一番重要としますか?

    If you look at it from a distance of the whole process, I simply started by enjoying the dish while taking photographs of them ( I never do lighting setup and studio shots) Then re-imagined them by creating a new kind of species and share them to the world as an unique piece of art. I simply enjoy the whole process, may be especially the process of the eating part. 



    1. What moments do you enjoy the most when you are working? / 作業しているときはどんな瞬間が一番楽しいですか?

    The moment when I can find that “face” from the many many photographs I took. And slowly adjusting it into the final beast image. Looking at it again and see what kind of a character is it and give it an unique name.



    1. Where do you usually get your inspiration? / 普段インスピレーションはどこから得ていますか?

    I love to see things differently in a very visual way in my daily life. And often look for anomalies to keep my imagination level up all the time. And it will just flow naturally when I apply them into my art.



    1. How would you like your art to be displayed by those who purchase it? / アートを購入した人にはどのように飾ってほしいですか?

    Originally it was launched as a NFT collection so owners can display on their crypto wallets, but when I explored into traditional format, I found that they like to hang them in their dining rooms or living rooms, one restaurant (The Chairman – no.1 on BEST 50 in ASIA 2021) commissioned my art and displaying on their walls as permanent art exhibition along with some famous local artists.

    元々は、所有者ユーザーがコレクションにディスプレイできるようなNFTアートとして発売されましたが、多くの人がダイニングルームやリビングルームに飾るのが好きだということがわかりました。あるレストラン(The Chairman - 2021年アジアベスト501位)から作品制作の依頼をいただき、今では地元の有名アーティストと一緒に常設アート展として私の作品を壁に飾ってくれています。


    1. What made you decide to do photography while there are so many other kinds of art styles? / 様々なアートのスタイルがある中で、写真をしようと思ったきのはなぜですか?

    In order to create the middle ground of realism and surrealism of this art concept, Photography is the best way to do it. If I paint a picture with face on a piece of sushi, the outcome is totally different no matter how good my painting skill is. I even tried using AI (text to image) art creation but it does not achieve the natural and realistic effect of a food photograph’s sharpness and depth of field.



    Portraits Daily life


    1. Is there anyone or anything that you admire? / 尊敬する人や物はありますか?

    I admire anyone who dares to challenge the traditional way of creativity. Be it an artist, a chef or a businessman.



    1. What is your favorite book/music? / お気に入りの本や音楽はなんですか?

    Book: Bruce Lee, Artist of Life,

    Music: 80s Pop (Canto / Western)


    1. Is there anything that you value in your daily routine? / 日々のルーティーンで大切にしてることはありますか?

    The “ME TIME” while I am driving.



    1. What is your favorite color? Are there any colors you dislike? / 好きな色、嫌いな色はなんですか?

    Pink, Purple and Black. I dislike green.



    1. Do you visit museums or see the work of other artists? / 他のアーティストの作品を鑑賞したり、美術館に行ったりしますか?

    All the time, expecially when I go to travel, it is always galleries and restaurants. Somehow, my art is connecting the dots between these two hobbies.



    1. Is there any art that you have seen and has changed your life? / 今まで人生を変えるようなアートに出会ったことはありますか?

    Surrealism. My favorite one is Salvador Dali.

    Salvador DaliのSurrealismがお気に入りです。


    1. The world of art and daily life. Are they two separate entities? / アートの世界と、日々の生活。この2つの世界はかけ離れた存在ですか?

    Both worlds are in the same universe, you just have to mentally tune in the frequency to sense both at the same time, daily life inspire artist, and art inspire daily life. Try writing calligraphy while cleaning your window.



    1. What do you think about the possibilities for art during Covid? / コロナ禍でのアートの可能性についてどう思いますか?

    Covid created a lot of solitary times for most type of people and it is very important for artist especially. Frankly, this art concept was created during a getaway holiday during Covid in early 2022, when there was much less distractions from daily life routines.



    1. Do you think art needs "thought" or "meaning"? / アートに「思考」や「意味」は必要だと思いますか?

    Certainly, and it applys to all types of art. The reason is to connect with the viewer in a deeper way beyond the superficial level even it is not visually pleasing. It must have the “WHY” behind. Also, the meaning must be unique in order to leave an impression.



    1. What is "good art"? / 「良いアート」とは何ですか?

    Good art is something that catches your eye at first glance, make you discover something new to think beyond, and the subject may also relates to you in certain ways. The uniqueness is also an important element, such as its methodology, emotions and feelings.




    About this exhibition About the future


    1. Your work will be exhibited at Burgers Tokyo. Any thoughts on that? / Burgers Tokyoにて作品が展示されます。それについてどう思いますか?

    I feel very gratful to have my first solo show in Tokyo which is curated by both Burgers Tokyo and White Wall Project. This is my debute appearance in Japan and I hope my art will be appreciate by the viewers / diners.

    Burgers TokyoWhite wall projectにより、東京で初めての個展を開催することができ、大変感謝しています。今回が日本での初個展となりますが、私のアートを鑑賞しながら皆様が良い時間を過ごすことができればと願っています。


    1. What kind of experience do you want people to have when they encounter your art there? / そこでアートに出会う人たちにはどのような体験をして欲しいですか?

    I like the viewers to see and think what they are looking at with their intuitive sense, just like the Rorschach inkblots test. And I always find it amusing to see a person looking at my art work longer than normal time when they look at its original form of object (i.e. a croissant)



    1. How do you think art will change (or not) in the next few years or decades? / これから数年、数十年でアートはどう変わる(又は変わらない)と思いますか?

    With the new wave of NFT art platforms, artists and creators will have much easier access to express their creativity thru the blockchain to share and sell their works without the middle man such as the agents and galleries. Also, the AI technology (such as DALL-E and Stable Diffusion) will challenge the basic skills of drawing and painting by letting us using text prompts to create high quality and unreal outcome based on billions of image data sets online. But one thing remains the same, imagaination and story telling is the key to stand out from all these technology.

    NFTアートのような新しいプラットフォームにより、アーティストやクリエイターは、エージェントやギャラリーなど仲介を通さずに、ブロックチェーンを通じて自分の創造性を表現し、作品を共有し販売することが簡単になるでしょう。また、AI技術(DALL-EStable Diffusionなど)によって、オンライン上の何十億もの画像データに基づき、テキストプロンプトを使用することが可能になりました。そのため、非常に高品質な作品を制作することができます。描画や絵画の基本スキルを超えるかもしれません。しかし、1つだけ変わらないことがあります。それは、想像力とストーリーテリングが、これらすべての技術から際立つ鍵となることです。


    1. Are there any challenges you would like to try in the near future? (Even if it is not art/art-related) / 近いうちに挑戦してみたいことはありますか?(アート・アートに関係ないことでも)

    If art related, I like to try making the beasts talk since I gave them individual names and characters. If it is not art related, the challenge will be having an investor for this project and let me travel and eat all the great food around the world so I can keep creating my BEASTS From FEASTS.

    アート関連であれば、ビーストに個別の名前とキャラクターをつけたので、今度は喋らせることに挑戦してみたいです。アートと関係ない場合、このプロジェクトに投資してくれる人がいて、世界中を旅しておいしいものを食べ、BEASTS From FEASTSを作り続けられるようにすることに調整したいです。


    1. What do you think people should do to make art available/reachable to more people? / アートをたくさんの人に楽しんでもらうためにはどうしたら良いと思いますか?

    Definitely art does not only belongs to galleries and that’s why I love having this show being at the restaurant this time. In fact, it may reach more people than in a gallery. Apparently I am exploring a new way of art ownership in both virtual (NFT) and physical (Print) formats which the owner can appreciate both side of the world but in a more unique visual representation of the art piece.



    1. Burgers Tokyo is actively involved in charity activities and support. Do you have such experience yourself? / Burgers Tokyoはチャリティ活動や、支援に積極的に取り組んでいます。ご自身にもそういう経験がありますか?

    This is one of the main reason I love about this exhibition at Burgers Tokyo. It totally matches with my believes as well. Since I launched this project earlier this year, I made a commitment that I will plant a tree on Earth with each piece of art work being sold. The reason is to give back to mother Earth and make the planet cooler in temperature. It directly benefits the animals, plants and it all goes back to the food ingredients. And end up to the chefs and the dishes we enjoy which I keep taking photographs of. It is a circular concept in general.












    "Beasts from Feasts "2022年にリリースされる彼の最初のパーソナルアートワークのシリーズです。"


    DAVID LEUNGの作品購入はこちらから。